Thursday, 23 January 2014

Omnizide - Pleasure From Death

OMNIZIDE - Pleasure From Death (CARNAL - EP 2011)
Until last week I didn’t even realize that such band as Omnizide even exists. But then I got an advert announcing their upcoming debut CD “Death Metal Holocaust” (to be out through Carnal Records) and I have checked one song and just have been slain mercilessly in a second, so fuckin awesome and brilliant these tunes were. So, I have made a quick search and it turned out that Omnizide is not coming out of nowhere, but this Swedish band is actually a project of some musicians involved in such bands as Craft and Avsky… and more so, it turned out that previously they have released a 7”EP single “Pleasure From Death”. Well, it is 5 euros later and I hold a copy of this small piece of white vinyl and damn, I feel truly impressed by this music and Omnizide – I think I can already write that – is one of the best discoveries of mine in the recent months and I am sure that their first album will be one of the best – if not the best – debuts of the year. Yeah, it is so damn good.
First of all, I think I can risk saying that Omnizide plays my favourite style of death metal, which is something obscure, dark, merciless, filthy and utterly aggressive… and more so, definitely old school, sometimes being almost on the verge of black metal or very old thrash. If I mention such bands as Repugnant, Degial, Invidious, Tribulation, Ensnared, Necrovation and so on and on to give you some other names which are close stylistically, then you may know what I actually mean. Anyway, there are superb songs here and especially the one from side A (title track) is something truly phenomenal. I love how damn fast and vicious, violent and possessed this song is, how filled with energy it is and what great atmosphere it has. I love the production, the vocals, riffs… just everything. Yeah, perfect stuff for me! The second song (from side B) “Desecration Art” is slower, more kind of hypnotising, speaking of the riffing and feeling… Hmm, I think I can risk saying that these riffs from this song would fit the harsh and raw black metal band like Craft or Avsky as well, it is all just a matter of production, but generally this track has a strong black metal atmosphere, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who worships Darkthrone would also like this song and Omnizide a lot. So, personally I recommend this band and their EP to both (rotten and obscure) death and black metal fanatics. And I think I can risk saying that “Death Metal Holocaust” will be just a must to obtain!
Final rate: 90/100

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