Saturday, 24 November 2012

Undead Creep - Enchantments from the Haunted Hills

UNDEAD CREEP - Enchantments from the Haunted Hills (BLOOD HARVEST - EP 2012)

Undead Creep attacks once more, this time with the 7”EP “Enchantments from the Haunted Hills”, which Blood Harvest has just released, in very small quantity of 300 copies. Well I definitely was hoping to get some more killer tunes from those Italians, as my enthusiasm and passion for their music – which I experienced on the demo and killer “The Ever-Burning Torch” LP - were great. So I definitely wanted to get a copy of the EP, which I finally did. And I think the EP is already sold out, so if you hesitated to buy it, then it can be too late now, ha!
Well, the previous releases were nothing more but a pure old school Swedish death metal worship. The music was filled with brutal, aggressive riffing, but also with the characteristic melodies, which some of the old Swedish bands have been developing in the old days and to say that Entombed, Dismember, Carnage and Necrophobic did not influence the band would be a lie. But I loved the way those Italian headbangers and graveyard desecrators managed to recreate the atmosphere from the good old Swedish scene. And of course “Enchantments from the Haunted Hills” continues to do that, but I must say that unfortunately the material from this EP is not as thrilling as the demo and debut full length (and not only because 8 minutes of music is just so little!!!). Sure, the atmosphere of horror and creepy feeling are still there; once you hear the intro you’ll start to look around whether the dead is not coming out of the mist. But this great, classic horror intro goes by and “To be Condemned” begins. I really have nothing against this song, it is good enough, with trademark “Indecent & Obscene” era Dismember riffing and one can surely agree that this song is not far from say “Skin Her Alive” for instance, but I feel somehow that this track is more mediocre that some of the previous songs, which Undead Creep created.
And the title track from this EP is maybe more exciting, I really like the opening theme, with some killer melodic stuff in there, but then it fastens up into real Swedish brutality… Hmm, it is good definitely, but again I feel like it could have been better, maybe more memorable… I don’t know. Don’t think though that “Enchantments from the Haunted Hills” is a boring and shitty release, as definitely the fans of the old styled Swedish death metal will like it anyway and personally I also quite enjoyed it, but any complaints from my side are due to the fact that my expectations from Undead Creep were slightly bigger, I hoped to get really crushed to death, while I was only slightly injured. Fuck that, it’s good to have this EP in the collection anyway, with 300 copies it soon will be a nice rare item in my collection.
Final rate: 70/100

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