Friday, 23 November 2012

Lifeless / Chapel of Disease - Chapel of the Lifeless Cult

LIFELESS / CHAPEL OF DISEASE - Chapel of the Lifeless Cult (FDA Rekotz - split 7"EP 2012)

Once you start to think that the flood of great old styled death metal bands, which nowadays is so dominating the underground scene, is over and meanwhile yet another killer release with two new bands from this style has been released. Fuck, where do they all come from? But it really is not a problem for me to listen to some more bands from this style, especially as so many of them play killer music and make me feel thrilled. I never have enough, unless they start to repeat the same riffs all over again and you can feel the stagnancy and lack of passion and lethal energy. Here is another release, which just blew my head off towards fuckin Mars and hurt my neck totally, once I stopped banging my head. FDA Rekotz released this wonderful split 7”EP, which features two completely unknown German bands: Lifeless and Chapel of Disease. And since only recently I complained a little on the condition of the German scene, now I can say that it gets better and better with bands like Revel In Flesh, Deserted Fear, Obscure Infinity and these two, ha!
OK, the whole massacre starts with Lifeless’ absolutely amazing song “Godconstruct”. I was very surprised to see that Lifeless already had one full length LP in their discography, 2008’s “Beyond the Threshold of Death”, and that I never heard it. I must look for it definitely, as “Godconstruct” is just fantastic piece of Swedish influenced death metal. Yeah, once you see Lifeless’ logo and you know what they will play hehe! Personally I don’t care if it looks like Entombed’s or Carnage’s logo, Entrails also has used the same font… It looks old school, sick and man, I love it. But the music is just tremendously good. I mean if you call yourself a maniac of the Swedish bands – more so, if you worship “Like an Ever Flowing Stream”, “Indecent & Obscene” and “Left Hand Path”, then “Godconstruct” will hit your G-point and make scream in ecstasy as much as it did to me! I love every aspect of this song, starting with horror church bells at the beginning, plus the absolutely wonderful melodic riff which opens “Godconstruct” and the one, which is in the end… plus of course also the production, which is another very strong point of Lifeless in my opinion. Fuck yeah, those guys have collected all the best parts of Dismember, especially from “Indecent & Obscene” and “Pieces” era and brought it back to life in their own way… But you know, it’s not enough just to pick up a style of certain band and imitate it, you also must have skills, talent and idea to do it well enough to be appreciated and in my opinion Lifeless does exactly that! As I already said, I love it! Great song, especially those melodic bits in it; the one from the end sounds pretty much like that mournful harmonic riff from “Dreaming In Red”, but yeah… it did crush me.
And now Chapel of Disease. Two things first – just like when I was seeing Revel In Flesh for the first time, also here I must mention that I really love the band’s moniker and their totally old school, killer logo, which is one of the best ones I’ve seen lately. Musically Chapel of Disease is more straight forward death metal band, but still with very strong old school feeling. Their music is more archaic in my opinion, more like early Nihilist, even early Pestilence and Asphyx, plus also some recent acts like Morbus Chron, Repugnant, Maim and Death Breath. But again such sounds like those from “The Nameless City” work perfectly for me, their raw, aggressive style is just blowing the speakers off and damn, it is just awesome. Not as killer as Lifeless, but still very, very good.
Ha, this split EP was released on the day of my 32nd birthday. Even though I only just purchased my copy last week, so few months after the 22nd of June, it feels like a great birthday present and definitely a music, which makes me feel crazy and erupting with energy. Hail! I definitely wait now for the full length albums from both bands, Lifeless especially, but for this one I have to wait until 2013. But Chapel of Disease will unleash their debut “Summoning Black Gods” in December 2012 and I know that I must get a vinyl copy of it as soon as I will be able to. Meanwhile I strongly advise you to get “Chapel of a Lifeless Cult”, it is just killer release. And it is also perfectly released – in a gatefold cover, with a couple of stickers and small poster… What else can I ask for?
Final rate: 90/100

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