Monday, 17 October 2011

Dismember - RIP

I just saw some terrible news about the mighty Dismember splitting up after over 20 years of their death metal slaughter! Man, this is my favourite band of all time, one which I can honestly say never did a bad album - from the genre defining "Like an Ever Flowing Stream", through the uncompromising "Hate Campaign", up to the last, but so good "Dismember"... Fuck. I know that some may say this band wasn't already the same without Fred Estby, but personally I think that Thomas Daun from Repugnant was a great replacement and live as well as on the album they still fuckin shred. It's sad to see such bands passing away, especially if I just started to think when they're going to release something new... It's also weird they've done it at the time of hype for such Swedish death metal... It only confirms they never been for the bucks, but played from their rotten hearts. RIP dismember, I've got my vinyls and I think I'm going to play them all this week.

Hmm, one may of course ask the question how long we'll wait for Dismember to reunite hehe, as so many bands did that recently... never say never, and I think the irony of life can be very surprising sometimes. I do belive there will be another LP one day!

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