Saturday, 1 October 2011

Blood Mortized - Bestial

Blood Mortized - Bestial (NOCTURNAL BLOOD - Cassette EP 2010)
I must honestly admit that I haven't bought any cassettes since probably 2005 or so and actually last year I even sold my entire tape collection, because 1. I needed money and 2. my cassette desk was broken. I've fixed it recently, but didn't think I'll use it any time soon, as there were no tapes left in my house. Meanwhile I've found the cassette EP of Swedish Blood Mortized titled "Bestial" and thought "hell, I must buy it!". Why? Well, first of all, it's a limit of 100 copies, so it has great collecting value. The other reason is that I've listened to one song on myspace and just loved it. And finally, it cost me about 3 euros only, which is a bargain, so what the hell is the problem?? I thought that if I don't buy this tape, then I'll never have a chance to listen to it, because it's so limited. And even though I would rather prefer to have "Bestial" as vinyl 7"EP, I'm still very happy to have the tape, as the music shreds.
I don't know if the self titled debut album of Blood Mortized is any good. I didn't have a chance to listen to it, but now I know that if I ever see it available in distros, I'll go for it, because what Blood Mortized offers on their tape EP is just shredding Swedish death cult. "Bestial" offers three tracks of what I love most about the old death metal - which is its Swedish reincarnation. The music is very typical and let's be honest, it's not much original. But the thing is, Blood Mortized are good at what they do. Their riffs tear to pieces, are brutal and have passion, some of them are slightly more melodic like in the third song, "Rekviem", which actually reminds me Hypocrisy a little. Mid paced in most of the time, it has groove and is kind of the music, which possesses and force to bang the skull in maniacal rhythm. "Shadow of the Quarter Sun" is faster, but again the riffing is rather simple and uncomplicated, which is not a problem and actually it only makes the listening more pleasant. There's horrible smell of putrid floating around this EP and I love it. I love the front cover, stylised on the old horror movie poster and the inlay card, with band's photo and lyrics. I cannot expect more. This is perfect and I honestly don't regret the money I spent on this cassette.
So, in the end I can only recommend you getting this EP, as honestly this is one of the best Swedish death metal exhumations of the year. And with the guys from bands like Crypt of Kerberos it couldn't really disappoint. Now I'm waiting for Blood Mortized's second album and in the meanwhile, I'll try to get their debut CD also. I do hope the music is equally or even more amazing!
Final rate: 90 / 100

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