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EXCIDIUM interview from January 2008

Here's the first of the old interviews of mine I've done. This one is with Polish blackened thrash metal band called EXCIDIUM, really cool band, which at the time of doinf this interview blew me off with their Infernal Oath demo from 2007. This interview was about to be published in the 6th issue of Panzerfaust - below you'll find the original designs of two pages, which I prepared for the interview... Cool... I also published Polish version of that intie on, where I also write stuff.
I desided to publish this EXCIDIUM stuff now, as I just recently got their latest demo Decimation, I hope to listen to it soon... and I'm sure I'll write something about it...

Hail the Goat!!! Let’s start simply… Poland has such bands like THRONEUM, AZARATH, REVELATION OF DOOM, BLOODTHIRST, INSEMINATOR, WITCHMASTER! You’ve got a lot in common with them, not just musically, but also image-wise. So, do you see EXCIDIUM together with these infernal troops? Does the scene need another band like that? What will make you exceptional in there?
HAIL! Thing, which connects us and these bands is a love for old school metal fucking. If you’ve listened to our demo, you know that stylistically we’re closest to WITCHMASTER and BLOODTHIRST. Do I see EXCIDIUM with them? Not yet – we’re too young band and didn’t release enough materials to equal the top of Polish underground. And does it need another band like that? Let the scene decide itself.

Sure… Metal Archives says that EXCIDIUM – as a band name - has been used quite a lot! There were at least six other bands! Some of them don’t exist anymore, two are just recording some demos, one is a real crap from Hungary… Probably only the Brazilian EXCIDIUM is worth to mention. My question is, did you contact or did these bands contact you? Any suggestions from one of the sides to change the moniker?
No, so far neither of us has done anything to convince the other side to change the name. But I think that at the moment there’s no problem with it at all. And I don’t have to say anything about these lousy Hungarians hehe.

No, you don’t! But tell me how did you come up with an idea to form necro old school band? Which one of you has been a man founder of it? I have a feeling that the main thing which driven you was a simple love for an obscure noise called metal, am I right? Your “names” – like Cuntreaper, Alcoholocausted - say that as well ha, ha…
Me and Hans Gruber were two creators of this idea. And it’s just like you’ve said – love for true metal; heavy, hard and arse kicking metal has driven us… and always will!

"Infernal Oath"! This is a real killer demo! I have to admit that you’ve created some great songs! Also the production is nice… So, how did you do it? Are you happy with it? I guess all these positive reviews make you proud as hell ha, ha…
Thanks! Krzysztof Godycki from Chinnok Studio in Debica has done a lot to achieve such a good sound, which we’re happy with. Also the material is really good. There are some mistakes, which wouldn’t be if we record the demo today, but it’s normal. We’re far from hailing ourselves, sure the reviews are positive, we’re happy about that, but we know it’s just a beginning and there’s a long road in front of us yet.

Blast it! I just heard that this demo will be released officially, by two labels! A Spanish label will unleash MC, while METAL RULEZ wants to release the crap as a tasty split with INSEMINATOR! Everything’s lovely, but is there any point in releasing this demo so many times? Why won’t you put some new tracks? Aren’t you surprised with all these offers? Ha, maybe you’ll also put it on 7”EP??
These offers were surprising, because we’ve got them just few days after we’ve started spreading our music and created our www. But we’re glad it will be released both as MC and CD – I don’t see any problems with releasing the same tracks over again, because there are two different formats. If we wanted to release five different CD versions, then we could talk about stupidity. And if someone will offer us releasing a vinyl, we’ll agree for sure, but it’s impossible at the moment ha, ha…

Who knows, maybe one day? I really like your lyrics! Without giving a fuck, you just give concrete views of yours! They’re very blasphemous, you swear and hail the Antichrist! I think that religion is a main topic in it, right? You show the blindness of believers, who’re lied by so-called prophets. And you even want to piss into the mouths of their daughters ha, ha! So, where do all these hatred and malignity come from in such young boys like you ha, ha!?? What’s your vision of the society, if the one based on the christian dogmas you see as a weak one? Do you think that to create a satanic society is possible at all??
Contempt for religion and stupid, plastic culture we live in is a main subject in my lyrics. All that hatred is awakened at every contact with the reality that surrounds me, full of stupid people, who live on some absurd rules. In my vision of this world there’s no room for values, which are against the nature of this world, no room for contempt of everlasting life or glorification of passivity and ineffectiveness. There’s no room for laws and systems, which defective a being and give it a role of a bag, who doesn’t know how to exist self-dependently.  It’s a vision of a society created and managed by outstanding beings, which were always a creative force for the development of a civilization. To create such society, nowadays in Europe, would be very hard, but not impossible.

"Hail! To those who resist / Hail! To those who fight hail! to Antichrist"! Do you think we’ll live the times when people, who don’t go to the church every Sunday won’t be seen as renegades and satanists? There was a controversy recently over the apostasia website, which contains a form to help you write yourself out of the church. There were about 2000 people, who has used it… Is it a lot or very little, in your opinion?
I think that atheism and believes antagonistic to the christianity will be treated as weirdness and perversity for a long time in Poland. But if the law won’t discriminate people, who see and think, I don’t give a fuck about opinions of the masses. Apostasia won’t change much. The mentality of people is a main problem, this form won’t change much, but sure – 2000 people is pretty cool.

OK. man, let me know now what did you listen to recently? Do you know such headbangers friendly bands like REPUGNANT, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, SUICIDAL WINDS, VEXED, EIDOMANTUM, OLD, HELLISH CROSSFIRE, VICTIMIZER, MUST MISSA? Do you listen to old school hordes only, or maybe you also treat yourself with more modern, famous acts like NILE, BEHEMOTH, OPETH, etc?
I listen to everything what’s METAL (heavy, aggressive, blasphemous and has some balls). If it’s new EXODUS or early DARKTHRONE or MERCYFUL FATE, depends on a day. (Give him a beer – P666) From the bands you mentioned I REALLY like three: amazing TOXIC HOLOCAUST, OLD and VICTIMIZER. This is a piece of good playing.

And what do you think about POSSESSED playing gigs? With all the respect for Beccara and SADISTIC INTENT (Arrghhh), but isn’t it funny a little? Old legends play gigs, even if this guy is on a wheelchair. I have a feeling that soon MAYHEM will exhume Dead and Euronymous, to play in original line up! That would be something no one has done before. Only death is real!!!
I think I would like to see them, since I never had a chance for it. I admire Beccara’s strength, I would never play a gig on a wheelchair.

You’ve mentioned DARKTHRONE before, so their new album… Good or crap? Aren’t you tired a little with their recent albums?
I would prefer if they released two last albums under different moniker, even though they’re great. From DARKTHRONE I expect cold, misanthropic and primitive black metal, not a music to drink with and fight, in the style of famous GEHENNAH.

Good opinion. There’s a lot of talking around about keeping the old traditions of the underground alive. Maniacs don’t trade for tapes anymore, don’t like demos or paper fanzines, don’t go to the church, but surf in the web instead.  So, tell me do EXCIDIUM musicians keep these traditions in the heart, do you like zines, etc? You’ve got two websites, so every traditionalist could curse you!
Demo trades is a wonderful habit, just recently we’ve send some copies of our CD to Canadian BEGRIME EXEMIOUS (great music, I recommend!). Speaking of Polish zines, for me the best are MEGA SIN, 7 GATES and PURE METAL. (Hmm, not really zines man, but professional magazines!!!! This is what I was saying, people don’t know, what real zine is!!!!! – P666) We’ve got two websites, because we’ve started with myspace, which is the best www to promote the music nowadays in the web. (Yeah, I hate it! I don’t want bands to ask me to listen to their music on myspace anymore, fuck!!!! – P666) But the most important is our private website,, which isn’t finished yet unfortunately.

OK. man. That’s all from me. Vomit the last blasphemies for the end and tell us, when can we expect new recordings from EXCIDIUM! Hail!
During the summer’08. Hail Satan!

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