Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Uncanny - MCMXCI - MCMXCIV (The Crypt Productions)

The journey through The Crypt vinyl releases... begins with Uncanny from Sweden!

Uncanny should probably be considered as one of the most underestimated and unnoticed bands that raised in the golden era of the Swedish death metal. Although the band has released four different recordings, including a full length, they've never been considered as one of the Big Names of the scene. Maybe it's because they've disbanded shortly after "Splenium For Nyktophobia" was released or maybe it's due to the laziness of their label... Or maybe the reason is different, anyway, whatever it was, I doubt many maniacs know the band at all.

So, it's always nice to get something of a re-issue / compilation, which may remind us about the band. It's even nicer if we get it in a shape of fantastic looking vinyl box. The Crypt Records is already a cult label for me, as I keep buying their releases since the first outburst with Excruciate LP. Few LPs happened since then, but none of them looked as astonishing and amazing as this one (well, maybe Crypt of Kerberos did, but it was released together with Uncanny at the same time and in similar shape of a 3LP box). I was left speechless, when I touched "MCMXCI - MCMXCIV" for the first time and went through its content. How amazing! Inside of this bronze box you'll find two gatefold covers with three LPs in it - they include all songs Uncanny have recorded and released in the early 90's!!! The demo / split gatefold has some old band photos, demo covers in great quality, short band history, two old interviews from fanzines (sadly one is in Swedish) and finally rare demo lyrics. The second gatefold has everything about the full length, with the original cover, layout and with lyrics and old thanx list. On top of all that, the box has two posters - and the one with the cover of "Splenium..." is just huge! Pity I can't put it on my wall!

Yeah, and again The Crypt delivered amazing collector item. This box is simply killer and this is exactly how I would like to see all re-issues to look like. I hate when some labels deliver reprints of old CDs and sometimes can't even put a decent booklet for it (see Vital Remains' "Into Cold" CD, how cheap and lazy re-release by Peaceville that is!). The Crypt means quality, and whatever LP I bought from them, and I already have eight, I've never felt disappointed. You can see how important is each detail for them, how carefully they choose not only the bands, but also the entire material for each release. In this aspect there's no rival this label and if you consider yourself an old school metal maniac you must get their albums.

And what about Uncanny music? Well, I wanted to focus here in this review on the layout mostly, because this is old Swedish death metal band. Can it be any bad? No, for fuck sake! If you're a fan of such bands as Mastication, Epitaph, Excruciate, Edge of Sanity, God Macabre, etc., then Uncanny is a must for you. "MCMXCI - MCMXCIV" contains their two demo tapes, a material from split with Ancient Rites and "Splenium For Nyktophobia" album. All these recordings are great, all are classic Swedish death metal and when I play them on vinyl I get thrills. Great music, especially "Nyktalgia" demo rules and the full length is just a must for every Swedish metal maniac! No more words needed - this is one of my favourite jewels in my collection. Worth to die for it!

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