Monday, 20 June 2011

Excidium - Decimation demo 2010

As I've written earlier, I was going to come back with another post about Excidium, right after I listen to their newest demo, "Decimation". I must say I didn't have the chance to listen to Excidium's previous effort, which was split CD with Bloodthirst, titled "Infernal Thrashing Kömmandments", which is a shame as it seemed to be one cool split album. I remember though that when I was writing about "Infernal Oath" debut I was describing Excidium as blackened thrash metal horde... Well, with "Decimation" you can easily scratch the blackened part off and just leave thrash on its own... and here we go. Excidium presents pure fuckin classic thrash metal. And yeah, I do know that there are so many new bands right now, which play in similar style... After years of being dead, thrash metal came back few years ago, vomiting out many better or worse new bands, where kids pretend to be new Exodus or Slayer or Kreator. And since most of them have absolutely no own personality, one may dare to ask "do we need another such band then?". Well, that's a good question. And the answer is: "probably we don't".

But you know what? As a Polish - and Excidium are also from Poland - I can be happy that our scene has spawned such band as them. We haven't really got that many thrash bands here, so Excidium may seem to be almost unique in that term. And it's always cool to support bands, which are from your country. Besides, "Decimation" is very solid effort. First of all, the production is really good - no idea where they've recorded the demo, but it's got great, very proper for such music production. Excidium presents six songs, and such titles as "Sacrament of Blasphemy" or "Vatican Semtex Destruction" may give you an idea, what their lyrics are about. Musically it's pure 80's worship, the German scene first and foremost, with bands like Destruction, Living Death, Kreator, but the vocals are slightly sharper. Add to that a bit of Exodus and here were go... Aggression is their second name. Razor sharp guitars are their sign. Really, I know that Excidium may not have much to offer to ever moaning bastards. But personally I've enjoyed this music quite much, had a beer while listening to it and that's what it's about... Having fun and enjoying good old school thrash metal.

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