Saturday, 2 February 2019

Supreme Carnage - Morbid Ways to Die

SUPREME CARNAGE - Morbid Ways to Die (RAW SKULL Rekordza - CD 2018)
Supreme Carnage's "Morbid Ways to Die" CD came directly from Raw Skull Rekordz and I'm quite surprised to see that it's already third full length album of this German band. Sadly, I never had a chance to hear or see any of their previous releases, but I definitely would like to get them one day. This newest effort sounds good and left an appetite for more. I never have enough of great death metal, you know?! 
And if you like old school, vicious, yet strongly melodic death metal, then check Supreme Carnage also! This is one of those bands, which put more attention to the atmosphere of their music rather than focus on the sheer brutality. So, their sound is very heavy, yes, but it's also quite groovy, monumental and epic. And melodic, definitely! In many aspects it all sounds like a combination of Swedish death metal (similar to Just Before Dawn for instance) with Bolt Thrower, and it's a good mixture. There's plenty of great and insanely memorable riffage, basically every song is catchy as fuck, but heavy and perfectly suitable if you would like to bang your skull a little. Sure, I sometimes would wish to hear a bit more of fast, savage death metal - which Supreme Carnage delivers very little, because majority of "Morbid Ways to Die" is slow or mid paced. "1008 Pints of Death" is probably the only song, where you could find some blasting fragments. Luckily, that slower music doesn't disturb or bore me at all. Because as I mentioned, Supreme Carnage came up with many killer riffs, the songwriting is excellent, I also like the production of this album a lot - which is very powerful and ass kicking. And Jorge’s vocals are absolutely awesome. This is why I spent these 40 minutes of "Morbid Ways to Die" with honest pleasure. And played it quite a lot recently. 
Standout tracks: "The Fire Prevails", "Morbid Ways to Die", "The War of Ages to Come", "1008 Pints of Death" 
Verdict: 75/100 

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