Friday, 12 May 2017

Miasmal - Miasmal

MIASMAL - Miasmal (DETEST Records - 7"EP 2010)
I already had Miasmal's self titled demo on 12" vinyl as well as the self titled debut full length album, also on 12" vinyl. It was about time then to grab a copy of another (third!) self titled release from this band, but this time a seven inch single. It came out through one of my favourite labels from the recent years Detest Records (which sadly no longer exists, but which really helped to build a new scene for old school death metal). Damn, I cannot believe that this EP was recorded so many years ago – between 2008/09. Time flies so fuckin fast! But both songs that are featured here - "Creation of Fire" and "Bionic Godhead Erase" - are not only exclusive for this release, but they're also really damn cool. And when I listen to them I just feel like I really prefer those old Miasmal recordings when compared to their recent releases such as "Tides Of Omniscience" album. 
Both songs from "Miasmal" EP have a strong and insanely infectious old school feeling, which I love so damn much. The band's Swedish and obviously they do sound fuckin Swedish! There's no point in denying that or thinking about some other influences. But the thing is that not only their music has the Entombed, Nirvana 2002, Comecon or Dismember feel, but it have also a lot of crust or even a bit of Swedish grindcore elements, what gives an enjoyable and truly worthy results. If you like D-beat, if you prefer that low-tuned Swedish guitar tone over everything else and if you like when your death metal is filthy, crusty, but it also has a bit of melody, then Miasmal is a band for you. "Creation of Fire" is better of the two song, I like its nasty feeling. On the other hand the other song seems more aggressive and faster, so let's just say that both of them are great and have some fantastic shit to offer. I especially like how Miasmal puts these harmonious parts into their music. So, even if this single isn't the most exceptional release and it's not even my favourite Miasmal recording, I do like it anyway and I'm very glad that I finally managed to grab a copy! 
Final rate: 70/100 

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