Thursday, 12 May 2016

Wolf Omega - Nazywają Go Demonem Gór

WOLF OMEGA - Nazywają Go Demonem Gór (WOLFSPELL Records CD 2016)
Somehow from the beginning I had this feeling like “Nazywają Go Demonem Gór” won’t be an album that I will like.  And that’s not just because the artwork looks so bad, but everything else around Wolf Omega was not so promising. This relatively new two men project consists of people, who’re also in Lęk and “Nazywają Go Demonem Gór” is their debut album for Wolf Omega. I gave this CD few listens, but honestly I quickly got bored with it. It isn’t terrible, it’s just so damn mediocre that I lost any will to spend more time on it than it is necessary to write a fairly informative review.
I suppose that what worked the best for Wolf Omega was how they managed to recreate this totally archaic, early 90’s Polish black metal sound. Definitely this album sounds like acts like Graveland, Infernum and so on, mixed a bit with the Greek scene sound. Think then of the very simplistic rhythms and riffs, rather not so much variety between all songs, because it sounds like all songs have been done in the same vein and idea. The song strictures are also very uncomplicated, what only underlines the whole primitive feeling of the music… well, yeah. This is one of the most archaic sounding albums I have heard in a while. And it isn’t that good. “Nazywają Go Demonem Gór” makes only mediocre impression on me, I quickly start feeling bored with it and I cannot find anything what would really impress me. I feel almost irritated with that drumming and style of guitar riffs, which you can often hear, with that “umpa-umpa” crappy style that I hate. And even if “Nazywają Go Demonem Gór” is far from being a total waste of time, it’s barely an OK album. I’m sure it will gain some good opinions from people, who worship such ancient sounding black metal. Not me though. Surely it's one of the weakest albums from Wolfspell Records.

Final rate: 50/100

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