Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fra Waurhts - For Celestial Glory

FRA WAURHTS - For Celestial Glory (SCHATTENKULT Produktionen CD 2016)
It seems like I have time only for uninspiring and uninteresting black metal today. This is third black metal release that I am listening to and reviewing since very early morning and third, which is not able to impress me with anything. So, I have enough of it haha! Anyway, Schattenkult Produktionen seems to have some absolutely fantastic CD releases. For example Shadows Ground album, which is my favourite for sure, but also Gorrch and Vrag were damn awesome. But they also sent me CD of Adversus, which I didn’t like so much… and now I can say the same about Fra Waurhts. It may be better than Adversus, but I cannot describe the quality of the music from “For Celestial Glory” with other words than mediocre and hardly capturing.
It just feels like I was listening to a bunch of repetitive and constantly mediocre riffs and forgettable songs. And the more time I was spending with Fra Waurhts, the more I had this urge feeling that I wanna stop this boring experience and play something else. I cannot deny that Fra Waurhts music is very aggressive, very rough and obscure sounding, that it surely may be ideal for fans of bands like Revenge, but also of some old Greek and German black metal bands. But that quality I look for is not there; and if it is, then it’s barely scratched. It’s listenable, it has some decent moments, but it’s also very one dimensional, very archaic and very primitive. Sometimes being primitive and old sounding is not a problem if it comes along with killer songs. Other time it is, if it comes with nothing but plain boredom. For me, this is exactly the case of “For Celestial Glory”. And I cannot really imagine that Fra Waurhts will grab a lot of attention (which they probably don’t even want to get) and positive feedbacks, because this album simply doesn’t deserve that. As I mentioned, it is better than Adversus, but being the second worst band in the current roster of your label won’t bring you any pride also.

Final rate: 50/100

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