Thursday, 5 May 2016

Deiquisitor - Deiquisitor

DEIQUISITOR - Deiquisitor (ANCIENT DARKNESS Productions CD 2016)
This is one of those albums that I’ve been really looking forward to hear. Ever since I heard Deiquisitor’s fantastic “Hexagon Vortex” EP for the first time and felt how strongly is their massive sound crushing every bone in my body, I knew that this is a band that I need to keep my eyes open at as they’re able to come up with something exceptional. Finally the beast was unleashed in the start of 2016 and some weeks later it arrived to my quarters with one mission: to fuckin destroy again! And yes, it does that easily.
Man, what a great band Deiquisitor is. I am fully aware that they probably will never become popular or trendy act, but I can assure you that their music should please many death metal maniacs. It’s obvious also that they don’t perform death metal that you have not heard before. More so, it seems like this sort of obscure and ghoulish death metal sound has been adopted by quite few better or worse acts these days. But none of that makes “Deiquisitor” a less intriguing and captivating album. It’s actually the opposite!
I just love that massive, utterly heavy and sepulchral, obscure sound of Deiquisitor. This is death metal that could easily crush every bone in your flesh and shred it into a pile of filthy carcass. It’s just insanely heavy, totally beastly and vicious. And brutal! At the same time the atmosphere is very dark, dismal and malicious. It can obviously remind you Immolation and Incantation strongly, and such comparison would do no harm to Deiquisitor. But you know, I feel like Deiquisitor is much more than that. Their music is for example much more fast and ravaging, they rather avoid the harmonious part of Immolation (although it does appear rarely like in “Black Matter Vortex”) and hardly ever step into the doomy part of Incantation. And that intensity, which Deiquisitor managed to find is something I like the most. When combined with some killer riffs, totally eerie atmosphere that surrounds every sound here and with superb heavy production, the result can only be fantastic. Some may moan about the similarity between all songs, and I guess that I can even agree that the band may have not had enough ideas to cover all twelve songs they offer here, so at times it gets a bit repetitive. But for me that’s a minor fault and with the sheer intensity and brutality “Deiquisitor” feels super awesome. This album contains all songs from the previous CD plus a bunch of new stuff. With a bit over 30 minutes of music, it’s enough for me to feel fully satisfied.
In the end, let me say one more thing. Deiquisitor members are also strongly involved in Danish black metal scene, with acts like Sadomator, Luciation, Blodfest, Wolfslair, Ogdru Jahad and so on. And it’s OK, I like some of them. But I have to say that none of these black metal bands (at least what I’ve heard so far) sounds even half as killer as Deiquisitor. This band crushed everything else they’ve been ever involved haha!
Standout tracks: “Black Matter Vortex”, “Celestial Rituals”, “Through Ethereal Deeps”

Final rate: 80/100

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