Friday, 29 March 2013

Maze Of Terror - Skullcrusher

MAZE OF TERROR - Skullcrusher (CAPRICORN Records - CD 2012)
Some time ago I was reviewing an excellent split tape of Abigail / Oldblood / Radiation / R.I.P called “United Metal Massacre”. I really recommend you getting this material, it is awesome. Anyway, few weeks later I got an e-mail from Juan Pablo a’ka Leviathan, who used to be a vocalist / bassist for R.I.P. He wrote me that he and Hammer (drums) are no longer in R.I.P. and have a new band called Maze Of Terror and asked if I wanna listen and review their EP. Obviously I said yes, as R.I.P. was cool and I was curious if Maze Of Terror is also as lethal and devastating as their previous band. I checked some live footage on youtube, which was really awesome (I remember there was cool Sarcofago cover for instance), so I was looking forward to hear the CD. This debut of Maze Of Terror is called “Skullcrusher” and fuck… this title fits perfectly the music - these Peruvian hellbastards just crush!
“Skullcrusher” sounds like an archaic, but beautifully crafted (composed and played) classic thrash metal release. Definitely Maze Of Terror takes a lot of influence from the cult German bands – I mainly hear Destruction in their music, just listen to those slaying riffs and great vocals! The music is perfect for the diehard metal maniacs. In many ways Maze Of Terror also reminds me such Polish bands like Empheris, who also pay a lot of tribute to the old thrash metal scene, only blend it more with some black metal. Anyway, both bands should do a split release, as it would sound excellent. I must say that Maze Of Terror hooked me up right from their first song, "Damned to Eternal Pyre". It slays mercilessly, with razor sharp riffing, great, fast tempo and pure relentless moshing. This, along with “Rivals”, is I think my favourite track, but actually each of the five songs from this EP is just excellent. If you dig the old school thrash metal, then it will hit you badly, breaking the bones, causing some serious neckache (when you start banging like a crazy maniac!) and bringing total destruction!!!! Bang your skull, motherfucker!!!! I like everything about that EP – the production, killer riffs, great vocals…
Surely one may argue, when listening to such bands, whether they deserve any respect and praise, if their music is nothing more, but a resuscitation of the cult, legendary recordings of the forefathers of the genre. But I don’t give a crap… Maze Of Terror is just good at what they’re doing, they recorded some excellent thrash metal anthems and I really enjoyed listening to “Skullcrusher”. That’s all what matters, not the originality or the lack of it. So, if you like to mutilate your flesh with some thrashing, skin cutting metal, this is my recommendation for you. Definitely Maze Of Terror from Peru is way better in my opinion than all those “new thrash metal” stars like Bonded by Blood or whatever.
Standout tracks: "Rivals", "Damned to Eternal Pre"
Final rate: 80/100

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