Thursday, 28 March 2013

General Surgery - Like an Ever Flying Limb

GENERAL SURGERY - Like an Ever Flying Limb (RELAPSE - 7"EP 2012)
General Surgery? Ha, I guess this may actually be one of the very, very few grindcore bands, which I actually really like and tend to listen to more often. I’m not obviously counting here the legendary bands like early Carcass, Terrorizer, Repulsion or Napalm Death, but somehow this style of music – except very few cases - has never been my thing, especially when the bands take it to the ridiculous ultra brutal, fast playing with short songs and annoying pig squealing behind the mic. General Surgery is luckily not like that and maybe because they have quite many (Swedish) death metal influences or maybe it’s that obvious Carcass influence which they have in their music… whatever it is, I just really fuckin like their stuff, whether we speak of some oldies like “Necrology” or newer releases, my favourite being the amazing split with Butcher ABC. In 2012 I’ve shamelessly missed “A Collection of Depravation” compilation on vinyl, but once I got a chance to purchase completely new material from the Surgerers – 7”EP “Like an Ever Flying Limb” – I just got it! And even if orange is not my colour – and this EP, including the vinyl, is all in orange – I just really fuckin like this material! General Surgery once again nailed it and delivered an excellent piece of grinding death metal, which I like so much.
Side A brings three tracks. While “Seizures” with its 42 seconds of duration is rather a filler, the other two are just fantastic slabs of grind. They’re both really fast, both filled with extreme aggression, ferocity and energy, which bursts out of the speakers like crazy motherfucker released from the prison and running around with an axe, killing all your neighbours. The title song is especially killer, with some straight influences taken from old Carcass, but it is great… killer vocals, great production, great riffs… Then side B brings another two songs, with “Rhythmic Epidermal Clamor” being just OK and solid, and “Dark Cyanotic Hypostasis” being a pure sonic mutilation! Injury is certain, while you listen to it and I bet everyone will get infected by the energy and brutality, which this song delivers!
Ha, all in all I can only adore General Surgery for delivering such quality stuff and must recommend this EP to all death and grind maniacs. May it be time to unleash a full length album finally?
Final rate: 85/100

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