Monday, 6 February 2012

Obscure Infinity - Into the Depths of Infinity

OBSCURE INFINITY - Into the Depths of Infinity (demo CDR 2008)
Obscure Infinity is a German death metal band, which was formed in 2007, so please don't mistake them with the old Swedish troop called the same and which, after releasing few demos have split up in the mid 90’s. I got to know those Germans when I bought their debut album "Dawn of Winter", which they have released in 2010 and since I liked it quite a lot, I decided to get in touch with the band and maybe try to buy or trade for their demo, as it's always nice to have a whole discography from the bands I like. And so Stefan, the guitarist, sent me a copy of "Into the Depths of Infinity". It's pretty well released, a CDR, not tape, what may disappoint some of you, but I don't mind. At least it's got a decent, professionally printed booklet, the format is least important for me. And musically it's also pretty cool stuff, maybe not as killer as the debut CD, but good anyway.
"Into the Depths of Infinity" starts with an intro titled "Intro - ...and Only Past Remains", which actually confused me quite a lot, with the soft and nicely sounding acoustic guitars. It's not something I expected to hear he he, but soon "Tomb of Mortality", first of the three death metal tracks, interrupted this idyllic mood... And well, at first I was kind of surprised (again hehe) with the guitar sound, which is not typical death metal brutal sound, but maybe more thrash metal one... Eh, I don't know, it's not the best sound ever, personally I think it's not aggressive or dark enough, but Obscure Infinity is not a brutal death metal band, their demo material is more balanced between fast and slow, melodic parts and so such guitar sound fits it somehow and frankly after a while I got used to it.
As I said, the riffing is sometimes quite melodic and mostly mid paced, but there are also some faster fragments in this song, so we get quite diverse music and arrangements. There's really strong Swedish death metal influence here, from bands like Crypt of Kerberos and the song is really OK, but I like "Maniac Destroyer" more, as it's much more straight forward and relentless, definitely with more faster parts throughout. The melodies are not so dominant in this track, which is also good I think and I also like the vocals in it. Finally the third song is called "Into the Depths of Infinity" is again slower, with maybe a touch of Grave here and there… Another fine song, if you ask me, as Obscure Infinity again shows they’re good musicians, able to play some decent, aggressive riffs but also quite melodic guitar leads. The whole demo is closed with yet another acoustic track, "Outro - Far Beyond the Stars", which again may not really fit the whole death metal style that much, but it's OK anyway, this one actually reminds me Morbid Angel's "Desolate Ways" from the mighty "Blessed Are the Sick" masterpiece.
Final rate: 68/100

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