Monday, 6 February 2012

Encoffination - Seventh Temple of Laodicean Scripture

ENCOFFINATION - Seventh Temple of Laodicean Scripture (BLOOD HARVEST - EP 2010)
It’s fuckin freezing outside today, around minus 20 Celsius, so I definitely don’t want to move from home anywhere without a good reason (getting some beers is the only one which makes a sense I guess), but such cold definitely puts me in a proper mood for some utterly dark and inhuman metal music. And my choice for now is Encoffination... Yeah, again, I know, but what can I do, if the band draws my attention like the light brings moths and other flying insects in the night? After being devoured by two full length albums I managed to put my hands also on one of the 7”EPs that those Americans have released… And well, definitely I don’t regret buying it, especially that I got it for ridiculously low price.
Seventh Temple of Laodicean Scripture” consists of two tracks: “Revulsion of the Chalice, Indulgence of Salivating Innocence” and “Unrepentant Indifference to the False Evangel” and well, if you know the band’s albums then I have nothing more to say about this EP than that it’s the same kind of destructive, malicious, gloomy and sinister death / doom metal. It’s a beast lurking in the dark and slowly feeding you with fear, torturing with some of the most horrid visions… It’s a slow devastation, brutal and heavy as fuck, depraved and deprived of all joy and light. It’s a ritual of death. Try to face it, if you’re lunatic enough.
Any summaries of the musical side of the EP are worthless. Encoffination is love or hate type of band. They’re so slow and uncomfortable that probably they get more opponents than the allies. I don’t care. This is great, quality doom death metal. Musically this EP is equally good as the two albums from the band and I definitely recommend you buying it, if you ever have a chance to see a copy somewhere. If not, still it, download it, listen to it and then hung yourself in shame. Oh, and I really love the artwork and layout of this EP. Well done Blood Harvest.
Final rate: 85/100

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