Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tormented / Bombs of Hades split

Tormented / Bombs of Hades - Split 10"MLP (WAR ANTHEM Records)
Well, I must say I really like the fact that the idea of split releases has really came back for good into the metal underground and so many split EPs, or MLPs, or tapes have been released recently and for sure there are plenty more to come. It's just cool to get two or more bands, which play some of your favourite sounds and deliver exclusive songs, maybe some cover tunes or anything... And this split of two Swedish hordes, Tormented and Bombs of Hades, surely belongs to the most destructive ones in my personal rankings. There are two great old school death metal bands and each delivers a cover plus an own track, so in the end these are some mothefucking killer 14 minutes of music, released as a 10"MLP, with the artwork looking like an old horror movie poster (similar to Blood Mortized's "Bestial" EP tape).
Of the two, Bombs of Hades is the band I like more. Their style and way of playing simple, slightly punked Swedish death metal meets Autopsy and Death is just excellent and the debut LP "Chambers Of Abominations" belongs to my favourite albums of the recent years. And here Bombs of Hades - which I must remind you includes Jonas Stalhammar in the ranks - offers one of their most killer songs, "Ice Cold Grave". Amazing track, very aggressive, but also catchy, with some classic riffs. Really, really cool thing. The cover Bombs of Hades did is Loud Pipes' "Clean Your Head" and it's just a 1:33 short punk track, only played in the death metal way. Sounds cool, but I have no idea about the original. Also, I must say I really like the production this side of the split has.
But Tormented is also a good band, their debut LP "Rotten Death" is worth your attention. This band features Roberth Karlsson from Facebreaker, another band I worship and Andreas "Dread" Axelsson, who used to play in some other cult acts, like Edge of Sanity, Incapacity and Marduk. "Repulsion Fix" is the first song Tormented offers and all I can say about this track is that it's nothing more, nothing less, but a pure Swedish death metal anthem, played in the classic way of Entombed and Dismember, with the haunting atmosphere, eerie melodies and with passionate, wonderful aggression. This is great song, really, even though it doesn't offer anything over the well known patterns, that were created long time ago and were played countless times by countless bands... But who gives a shit, if the music kicks ass? For the dessert we get Kreator's "Tormentor" cover and I'm more than happy to get tormented with those excellent tunes. Mind though that the production here is more filthy and isn’t as brutal as the one on the Bombs of Hades side, but it’s still good anyway.
Final rate: 85 / 100

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