Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nachzehrer - Pestilence Hungers In the Shadows

Nachzehrer - Pestilence Hungers In the Shadows (DEMONS GATE Records / TOMBS IN THE VALLEY Productions - MC 2011)
I must say that normally, when someone (label, band, etc) sends me a link for mediafire or rapidshare and says "please download the album and review it", I don't even bother to answer, I don't like such ways of promoting bands. I can understand that there are difficult times now and labels may lack money or whatever, but god damnit, do they have to be so cheap and even stop sending proper promotional copies? With this band I did against myself and actually downloaded this fuckin' album. Why? Well, I've listened to one song on Nachzehrer's myspace and liked it so much that I had to listen to the entire material. And I don't regret it, as it fuckin' crushes.
Nachzehrer (which is "vampire" from the German folklore, literally it translates to "afterwards-devourer" (nach-zehrer) and is a creature that consumes already dead bodies) is Boston, USA, based band and "Pestilence Hungers in the Shadows" is their second offering, first one being "Black Thrash Ritual" demo from 2010. The material consists six devastating tracks and each is like a beast, attacking with aggression, in rage and savage fury. Musically Nachzehrer plays totally extreme and uncompromising black metal, slightly in the Swedish vein, speaking of the neckbreaking fast tempos, brutality of the music and its unstoppable ferocity of the riffs and drumming (no keyboards, no melodies, no bullshit that would waste your time!), completed by furious screams of Hräsvelg. From the first seconds of opening song "The Awakening" through to the album's end, the band doesn't stop crushing, doesn't take any slaves, only slays them all mercilessly. And what's more, some riffs have also small thrash metal vibe, what makes them even cooler.
I think the music is awesome, maybe not much original or whatever, but that's not what such albums are about I think. This is more than solid or mediocre music, it's really totally worth recommending and listening to. I like all its aspects, with such tracks as "Black Order of the Goat" especially, also the production is just excellent for such music, so... Yeah, I think you must listen to it. There's a tape released of it in limited quantity, so you must be hurry! The hell was unleashed...
Final rate: 85 / 100
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