Friday, 11 January 2019

Omegavortex - Promo 2018

OMEGAVORTEX - Promo 2018 (self released)
A while ago I had an enormous pleasure to recommend you one of Germany's better current death / black metal acts, Ambevilence, whose self titled EP made quite a great impression on me. For some reason Ambevilence is no more, but Omegavortex steps in as a continuation of this project. And I must say that I feel a lot of satisfaction for being contacted by Rob from Omegavortex, who gave me an opportunity to listen to their pre-production cassette of the forthcoming debut album. And what can I say... this material sounds absolutely killer and you can believe me that Omegavortex should end up on all of your shopping lists as soon as the album is finished and released (at the moment I have no idea when it's gonna happen, soon I hope!). 
Basically, Omegavortex is a continuation of Ambevilence, yet the intensity and sheer aggression of these new songs extends Ambevilence EP easily. And I love how vicious and ferocious these songs sound like. They're taking the listener through a chaotic dimension, blasting like crazy, bringing the same savagery and "evil" feeling as early Morbid Angel, Order from Chaos or Necrovore did. Harshness of this music gives it also a strong black metal feel, which is also underlined by a viciously screaming vocals. It's important to notice that these four tracks have not included even a single moment of melodic or more memorable fragment. It's merciless, aggressive and malicious in atmosphere all the way through. It's not only about blasts, but let's the honest - the tempo is fast in majority of this material. But it's properly diversified with slower or mid paced sections, which have that great old school morbid death metal aura of the bands I mentioned above. Listen to "Dark Matter" as an example. And I dare to say also that this tape sounds very well as well, even if it’s only meant to be a pre-production material. But it shreds and lacks nothing! 
So, "Black Abomination Spawn" is the title of Omegavortex's upcoming album. I am absolutely looking forward to hear it and I strongly believe that it's gonna be one of the best debuts of 2019. 
Verdict: 80/100

Listen to it here:

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