Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sear Bliss - The Arcane Odyssey

SEAR BLISS - The Arcane Odyssey (CANDLELIGHT Records CD 2007)
I can't get enough of this band. Sear Bliss is just fuckin amazing band and they have created such a great number of killer albums that most of these more popular black metal bands would dream to have. But Sear Bliss is Hungarian, not Norwegian, and they recorded albums for small, not mainstream labels, so they never got enough attention. This just has to change, I hope that my short reviews will help you recognize this fantastic band! 
Well, after shredding my ears with the glorious fifth album "Glory and Perdition", I started to listen to "The Arcane Odyssey", released in 2007. I have to be honest, I didn't give this album enough attention, when it was released. I did buy it, I liked it, but the enormous dose of music made me forget about it a little. This week though I've played it 20 times I guess, maybe even more... and it's because I love Sear Bliss music and once again I have to say that this is simply phenomenal record. From start to finish it is filled with killer songs, where the band takes atmospheric black metal to new dimension by fusing harsh, vicious black metal with epic sound of the brass section and keyboard mystical background. Great thing about "The Arcane Odyssey" is that despite being Sear Bliss' sixth album, it still sounds fresh, is filled enormous dose of great ideas and truly magnificent arrangements. Songs on this album seem to be a bit slower than those from "Glory and Perdition", with slow and mid paced sections dominating, but that only creates more monumental and bombastic feel. Damn, sometimes I can even call it beautiful, why not? Yet, the music sounds powerful and strong, with not even a slightest sign of monotony, boredom or repetitiveness (especially when they add such "Path to the Motherland", which is so different to the usual Sear Bliss material), with songs that are little bit longer than previously (such "Blood on the Milky Way" is over eight minutes long, but just check how rich in ideas and different parts this track is). Every song is great, each offers something unique and truly memorable, brings attention and amazes me. It seems like anything this band do, they turn it into gold. I do not exaggerate, I truly believe these words. And I dare to say that Sear Bliss is among the best European black metal bands, if you don't believe me then get their albums and give them a good listen.   
I like the consequence, with which they compose their albums - why change something what works so damn well and what sounds like Sear Bliss, not any other band? Sear Bliss didn't feel a need to "progress" and change too much. They created their own style and sound and had enough ideas to evolve within them on six albums (well, seven if we include "Eternal Recurrence"). Absolutely essential stuff. 
Standout tracks: "Blood On the Milky Way", "A Deathly Illusion", "Omen of Doom", "Somewhere" 
Final rate: 90/100 

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