Friday, 3 February 2017

Crawl - Worship Death

CRAWL - Worship Death (Inhuman Assault Productions MC 2016)
Hope you’re not tired with all this old school death metal flood and you will happily want to find out about yet another band that plays this best music of all. Here’s Swedish Crawl with their second cassette titled “Worship Death”. It was also released as 7”EP (out on Bloodsoaked Records), but I managed to grab it on tape (limited to 50 copies only), but that’s fine, at least for now, because I will definitely want a vinyl also. I have to say that I have a lot of sympathy for bands like Crawl. Their music may not be the most original or standout in the crowd of similar death metal bands… It is nothing exceptional, but I like it a lot anyway and this is just pure pleasure to listen to such stuff.
Three songs are on “Worship Death” and stylistically it’s filthy, nasty old school death metal with that necessary, but typical Swedish production (which cannot be mistaken with anything else! And I love it) and a strong punkish vibe, what reminds me of bands like Bombs of Hades or The Dead Goats. Crawl has really a lot of potential, they came up with great songs, I like their riffs and killer feeling, which this music has. Slower parts are especially great, they’re heavy and vicious, but honestly I think that the whole music of this band is just damn good Occasionally they come up with some melodies and “Drenched” is definitely my favourite song here, just because it has the best melodic piece from the whole EP… Arrrgghhhh… I cannot be objective when I listen to this sort of music, I am never too critical towards such bands, a lot of them are instant winners for me… and yes, Crawl is great also. I want to hear more from them, I need to find their previous cassette also and I do hope they’ll come up with an album shortly also. Recommended for the maniacs of this shitty rotten music!!!! Hahah!

Final rate: 80/100

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