Monday, 10 October 2016

Siaskel - Haruwen Airen

SIASKEL - Haruwen Airen (promo 2016)
Back to Chile, again! And I’m really happy about it. This country spawned some really fantastic bands through recent years and definitely this scene became my favourite from the whole South American hell. This time I’m enjoying some sounds from band, which I am familiar with ever since I got their 2014 release “Jatenentolpen Thejin”. Now time came for the new Siaskel album “Haruwen Airen” and I have to say that it’s better than its predecessor. And it’s surely very nice to see this band going in a good direction, simply getting better and improving. Siaskel music is still a ferocious mixture of black and death metal, with the blackened elements dominating all over the album. It’s very vicious and harsh sounding music, which will give you a nice dose of aggression. At the same time can you will not witness anything revolutionary, it’s also not the best album of this year, but I think it’s good and solid enough to please many fans of this extreme music.
I suppose the biggest strength of “Haruwen Airen” is its sheer vicious, aggressive manner. This album is fast and it surely will break some necks when you’ll play it loud. At the same time I like how that aggression and violence correspondence with melody, with vocals that are somewhere between death growl and blackish scream. So, this is why Siaskel music sounds a bit more interesting that your usual black metal. Some of these songs are truly great, I think that “Hain” caught my interest the most, with almost thrashing, violent riffage played with black metalish feeling. But the whole listen went very smoothly and I just cannot write anything bad about Siaskel. As said above – it’s very solid and worthy band and their music has everything that fans of dark, extreme black / death metal should like.
While listening to Siaskel you should definitely check the lyrical concept they have, which deal with some ancient Chilean tribes like Selk’nam.
Standout track: “Hain”

Final rate: 70/100

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