Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Paymon - Beyond Darkness I Fall

PAYMON - Beyond Darkness I Fall (SCHATTENKULT Produktionen - CD 2015)
This next release from Schattenkult Produktionen is a perfect offer for all those, who worship raw as fuck, cold, grim sounding black metal. This is Paymon with their second full length “Beyond Darkness I Fall”. It’s yet another band, which I have not heard about before, even though they have also several other releases in discography, including debut album “Regno occulto” as well as three demos, some of which were released already back in the mid 90’s. This is actually one man project, led by Lord Skarn and comes from Italy – I suppose you should have enough information about Paymon by now.
As for the music on “Beyond Darkness I Fall”, as I already wrote above, this is harsh, obscure, almost primitive sounding black metal. I do have to say that it’s nothing special, in my opinion. It’s just very standard, typical stuff, with simple, neanderthal riffage, arrangements, song structure and very dry, croaky vocals (which can irritate sometimes, to be honest). Quality is rather OK, to give this album at least some positive feedback. If all what you like to listen to are bands, which sound like “Aske”, “Transilvanian Hunger” or “Arma Christi”, then you will surely like Paymon also. For me it’s listenable and luckily Paymon doesn’t exaggerate with too simplistic and primitive playing. Lord Skarn came up with some good riffs, I especially like the ending of the whole album with songs like “I Am the Wind” and “Lucifer”. Plus there’s a nice ambient track “Abisso” and the whole album is finished with very good Thornium cover “Slottet i skuggornas mörker”, which in my opinion is the best song on “Beyond Darkness I Fall”. But that’s all I can say about Paymon and this CD – an album, which is rather easily forgettable and far from being something that is totally necessary to have in collection.
Check out this really cool layout for this CD, I have to say that I love its red colouring and how it correspondents with the photographs of bones, etc. Sadly, it will take quite an effort to read the lyrics.
Standout track: “I Am the Wind”

Final rate: 60/100

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