Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Psychomorphis - Amorphous Chaos

PSYCHOMORPHIS - Amorphous Chaos (ANCIENT DARKNESS Productions - MC 2016)
This cassette came from Ancient Darkness Productions – a label, which I respect a lot, with a great number of killer releases behind them. And while I had never heard about Psychomorphis before, one look at the line up gave me an idea that it could be something special (band members are also involved in such acts like Ligfærd, Offerkult, Ogdru Jahad, Sadomator, Necroholocaust). I also felt really intrigued with the artwork of the demo, band’s logo and everything else, but… but not by the music, which turned out to be simply bad.
Well, I guess this will be my first real negative review for Ancient Darkness release then. Yes, “Amorphous Chaos” is for me a pure waste of time and money. This demo contains nine short songs, closed in barely ten minutes of utter, relentless chaos and violence of beastly death / black metal. And the problem is this is not even half as good as it should have been.
The problem with “Amorphous Chaos” is that it’s barely listenable. The sound quality is not poor. It’s fuckin BAD. There’s no production you can say, but just badly recorded primitive wall of noise, where you won’t even be able to check what the riffs are like, not to mention the drumming, which is almost unheard. I’m sorry, I have good tolerance for many extreme bands, I love bestial death / black metal – but I’m also quite picky in this genre and not all bands really deserve my approbation, because too often a bad production is about to cover bad musicianship and complete lack of good riffage and ideas. I’m not saying that this is the case with Psychomorphis, but what’s the point playing a cassette that is unlistenable and so badly recorded that it gives you nothing?
I guess there’s possibly nothing on this demo what will make me go back to it again.
Standout tracks: seriously none!

Final rate: 30/100


  1. Got this tape as well, but I think it has some charm to it. Completely unlistenable, but sometimes that's the mood I'm looking for!

  2. Do you spastics know anything? Get back to your Watain releases and get the fuck out of the underground, you dickless posing cunts.