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Selbstmord - No Forgiveness!

SELBSTMORD - No Forgiveness! (DEATHRUNE - CD 2012)
Ehh… I suppose that I should start this review, saying that I am not necessarily a big follower of the so called NS black metal scene. Not that I am really bothered by the controversy, the extreme ideology of such bands – because I am not, I can tolerate it, even if I do not agree with them so much and find many aspects of it as simply idiotic. I guess the biggest problem I always had with such bands was rather the fact that with big mouth didn’t come any great music and seriously, there were only very, very few worthy bands within this extreme scene. So racial hatred, fascism and politics aside… but it is also one of the reasons why I never bothered to check Selbstmord more deeply. There’s too much awesome and truly killer stuff around to care about such bands. But recently I had no choice, but give Selbstmord a more careful attention, as Spanish Deathrune sent me a copy of “No Forgiveness!” CD for review, so either I wanted or not, I simply had to put it into the CD player, listen several times and now I must review it. Life sucks hehe! OK, I exaggerate now, as I am not one of those pussies, who scream in fright that “there’re Nazis on the board!”. I don’t care! Fuck politics, fuck racial purity, let’s listen to “No Forgiveness!”!
Ha, and here’s something what I would not expect! It turns out that Selbstmord’s “No Forgiveness!” is not bad at all and it is actually quite good album! You know, most of the stuff from similar bands was: 1. Badly recorded, 2. Pitifully composed and performed, 3. Had terrible vocals and everything else – simply most of them were entirely shit. Selbstmord’s album is like against all these accusations, because it is 1. Really well produced, 2. There are very good compositions, with some splendid parts, very well played and 3. I am actually listening to it for the third day in row and there’s really nothing pathetic about this album. Of course I will not comment the lyrical content of it and texts like “By wygrać wojnę ras”… I rather concentrate fully on the music, which is very good!
“No Forgiveness!” is harsh, cold black metal, played in relatively fast tempos (but not entirely!), but it’s often also quite melodic… and that melody when combined with rawness and bestiality of black metal brings interesting and great result. There are some killer riffs, memorable parts, great atmosphere throughout the whole album – so yes, I am very positively surprised and listen to “No Forgiveness!” with a honest pleasure. Tracks like “Archanioł pożogi”, “Bractwo bezprawia” or those fast pieces like “Endlösung”, “No Forgiveness” and “Armies of the Sun” are great! These fast songs, but also the vocals and the whole atmosphere of music, remind me some early Thunderbolt albums, so it is a very good recommendation! At least for me it is. On top of all, there’s a lot of diverse playing on the album, so I can only congratulate the band for putting out such a good material. And as mentioned before, I had no expectations whatsoever, I thought it will be another low quality shit, so I was mistaken! And very positively surprised. So, well done Selbstmord, I am surely putting another very good name on the map of killer Polish black metal.
Standout tracks: “Armies of the Sun”, “Bractwo bezprawia”, “Endlösung”, “Archanioł pożogi”

Final rate: 70/100

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