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Cruciamentum - Convocation of Crawling Chaos

CRUCIAMENTUM - Convocation of Crawling Chaos (NUCLEAR WINTER - CD 2011)
I still feel amazed by the quality and passion, which so many new death metal bands deliver, when they play the old styled sounds like 1990 only just began. Really, would you expect three years ago to hear such amazing bands as Disma, Father Befouled, Invidious, Miasmal and so many more? I guess no, but this is why the bigger is my enthusiasm for this never ending wave of old school death metal zombies. Every month I find about new band or release and some time ago I got interested in Cruciamentum. This English squadron of death was popping up frequently in many publications or blogs, which I have read and so I finally decided to give a try and listen to some of their songs, which quickly made me purchase two CDs, which Cruciamentum released so far. “Convocation of Crawling Chaos” is actually the second demo of those Brits, but I think the overwhelming reaction on this cassette pushed them and Nuclear Winter Records to release it on CD and LP. Since I missed my chance to buy the vinyl, I am happy to have the compact disc and I must admit that this is probably the best English death metal band, which was spawned in the darkness ever since the early 90’s, when Bolt Thrower, Cancer, Benediction and Decomposed were spreading their sounds of doom and apocalypse. I am very, very impressed by “Convocation of Crawling Chaos”!!!!!!!!!
Style wise Cruciamentum obviously takes some credit from the legacy of their native scene, so don’t be surprised to hear some Bolt Throwerism here and there or even some very, very early Paradise Lost and Decomposed doomy parts. But the biggest influence on “Convocation of Crawling Chaos” must have been delivered from across the ocean, from the band called Incantation. Most of this material has been played in doomy tempo, but while so many bands fail to impress with slow playing, which often turns into boring crap, Cruciamentum wins, as the sounds they created in the catacombs of Resonance Sound Studio have a great strength and ability to crush the walls. This music is truly massive and damn heavy, and so is the production, which nicely underlines the energetic and powerful feeling of those sounds. Each of the four tracks is excellent and I like them totally. The songwriting is ideal; so memorable parts, which just make you bang the skull in frenzy and feel the earth trembling, especially when the band fastens the pace and really seem to be a beast unleashed from hell… I love the riffing and I really like the deep, guttural vocals of D.L., who growls like Craig Pillard. Finally I also like the sound of “Convocation of Crawling Chaos”. I am not going to make complain on anything here; Cruciamentum made a fantastic demo and made me worship their name in fanatical ways! "Rotten Flesh Crucifix" is definitely a song, which caught my attention most; it is simply superb, maybe slightly more atmospheric than the rest, it even has some melodic leads here and there and keyboard played background, what only adds more darkness to the already obscure, eerie atmosphere.
When I listen to “Convocation of Crawling Chaos” for the hundredth time I still cannot resist its apocalyptic sounds and the eerie atmosphere, which they evoke. In my opinion Cruciamentum is a band, which is destined to gain some sort of underground success – or however you’ll call being recognised and worshiped by the horde of dedicated maniacs. With the line up, which consists the members of already established and respected bands like Adorior and Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum brings attention and do not disappoint. I am afraid only that with such a strong material as “Convocation of Crawling Chaos” it will be damn difficult for this band to record something even more killer and depraved. Time will tell, as their second opus, “Engulfed in Desolation”, already waits for me. For now I can say that Cruciamentum is as good as Disma, two greatest bands, which play this sort of Incantation worshipping death metal.
Standout tracks: "Rotten Flesh Crucifix"
Final rate: 95/100

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