Monday, 29 October 2012

Nominon - Manifestation of Black

NOMINON - Manifestation of Black (DEATHGASM - 7"EP 2011)
The idea of having just two songs and merely nine minutes of music may seem to be a crime, especially if the sounds coming out of the speakers are so devastating as those on “Manifestation of Black”, but for me this is the whole charm of EP singles, you know? They’re special kind of releases, which I like to collect, as they usually offer special, exclusive material, cool artwork, even the fact that they’re usually on 7”EP is special, as I like this format… it is just cool feeling to play something like that, it kind of seems like someone just smashed your face and then quickly finished it off with a heavy boot in your guts. This is exactly the feeling, which I have, while I listen to Nominon’s 2011 EP “Manifestation of Black”.
Coming on black 7” vinyl, with really nice layout (great front artwork and classic band photo in the insert!) this single catches the eye instantly. And music wise it probably is some of the best Nominon material ever recorded! I mean both songs - “Manifestation of Black” and “Burnt Human Offering” – are so damn fast and relentless that they just crush in a minute and it is hard to resist their energy and great, powerful sound. The title track especially is just amazing, I honestly didn’t expect that Nominon would play so fast, but still manage to maintain their unique morbid and obscure mood, which I know from such LPs as “Recremation” and “Terra Necrosis”. I dare to say that once you hear the title track you won’t be able to pick up your teeth, especially that soon after the change of sides “Burnt Human Offering” attacks and delivers equally killer tunes, maybe slightly more thrashing in few parts, but that is just awesome thing and I again cannot control that energy, which erupts with those sounds. Bang your head then and destroy!
Ha, if this EP is going to be an announcement of the upcoming Nominon new LP (“The Cleansing”) then I don’t know if the mankind will be able to survive it. Forget the nuclear wars, Nominon will do the damage! Arrghhhh! Killer EP! So fuckin scream: “manifestation of black, ceremony of doom… manifestation of black, worship the end!!!!!!”.
Final rate: 90/100

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