Monday, 5 December 2011

Deathronation - Exorchrism

Deathronation - Exorchrism (CD 2011 - DEAD MASTER'S BEAT)
It took hell of a lot of time for Deathronation from Germany to release a follower to their 2006 demo "A Soil Forsaken...". I have no idea what the cause for such a delay was, but I must say I was pretty enthusiastic right when I saw the news about the band’s new release "Exorchrism". I decided to get it asap and give it a listen, because the first demo offered a promising portion of old styled death metal. And so here it is… First I must say though that I’m glad to see this new recording being released in a professional way by DEAD MASTER'S BEAT (in cooperation with GOD EATER Rec.) with a cool front artwork, etc.
The material on "Exorchrism" is a gathering of riffs and songs that Deathronation composed between 2004 and 2010, with one track based on Stiff Old's previous band Embodied Grief track, which was written way back in 2001. So there’s an enormous time difference for the whole material… But you won't notice that at all, as the entire demo sounds equally good and musically Deathronation continues what they've started on "A Soil Forsaken...", which is old school, traditional and archaic to the bone death metal. I'm quite glad that the band recorded "Exorchrism" in a professional studio and the sound is much better than on the first demo. I must say I really like the production, it's slightly unpolished, with a nice raw edge, well fitting the style of music those Germans play.
The music on "Exorchrism" is definitely better than on the first demo also. I think the band already opted for the style they want to play and so they spawned this bastard of classic, filthy sounding death metal without any hesitation. From the opening song "Beg For Your God" Deathronation cuts the flesh with no remorse. Obviously the music is still highly influenced by the legends such as Possessed, Death, Sadistic Intent, Immolation, even the very early Morbid Angel and Asphyx... In the opening song I was quite surprised to hear few quite melodic riffs, but don't you worry, the music isn't soft or whatever. And "One Once Forsaken" definitely will hit your face with some crushing riffs played in maniacal fast tempos, but you'll find there also a more melodic and slow mid parts with some riffs played close to the death / thrashing style of late 80’s. Mind that Deathronation music isn't really that much straight in your face, much of their music is played in mid paced tempos, what at times may sounds slightly monotonous and maybe not as effective and intense as I would wish but it doesn’t matter. Besides, with such tracks as "Church Of Salvation", which I think is my favourite song on the CD, it's OK.
I was quite surprised to notice that the songs are quite lengthy, most of them are about 5 minutes long, while "Scorn Dominion" is almost 8 minutes long! That's something very uncommon for this style of music. Besides, I like the way "Scorn Dominion" begins, with quite epic playing, which turns into proper fast death metal playing at 2:30. That’s another favourite part of the album of mine (or demo?), but honestly I did enjoy "Exorchrism" as a whole. I like the atmosphere on this recording, as well as the music of course and even though I can't say this is the best and most killer release of the year and it hasn't really got anything groundbreaking, but who cares, as soon as this is good and solid. Surely well recommended for the old school death metal maniacs.
Final rate: 70 / 100

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